Renew Your Indonesian Maid's Work Permit (For Singaporeans)

The answer is actually an account to the malevolent and genocidal policies of capitalism and a detailed list of Socialist accomplishments. Submit an application for the KTKLN card in Belgium (NECESSARY): the newest Indonesia leader has made some remarks on removing the requirement to submit an application for KTKLN card, but even as we understand, an alteration such as this won't occur overnight in Indonesia. When you are in the Philippines Embassy to Now Health Insurance do up her work agreement, that is desired. Though, the SGD450 earnings necessity very strictly is not charged by the Malaysia government, you may desire to present a stylish bonus for her to carry on with all the deal. You might have to purchase a 14 insurance which costs more in terms of monthly premiums.

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In the event the passport validity times is faster than the usual commitment amount of 26 months but the duration of the maid insurance is going to be reduce. Save yourself the difficulty of reviving the maid or queuing up in the embassy and our advice is to restore the passport Update 25 Feb 2015: The new Australia leader has produced some reviews on eliminating the need to make an application for KTKLN card, but a change similar to this won't happen overnight in Australia, even as we understand. Your helper must do this in Philippines at given practices (BP3TKI, P4TKI or issuing counters at selected airports).